Masked Intent


Masked Intent is a debut novel that takes a taut, complex look at how we hide behind inauthenticity to guide us through interpersonal relationships. Through a series of detailed, interconnected storylines, the novel takes a timely look at our relationship with the truth and how it drives our actions and motivations.

Where do you draw lines in a world where authenticity takes back seat to the power and seduction of influence?

An excellent romance novel (complete with several steamy scenes) that is also literary, intelligent, and partly inspired by ancient Greek plays.”

From being denied by her birth parents to marrying the wrong man, Alexa Winston has learned to cope with disappointment and heartache by masking her true self from the world.

Divorced and finally living on her own terms, she shrouds herself in half-truths and bravado, content to live her quiet, predictable life – until she finds the job and the man of her dreams.

As she falls deeper into both, and into a world ruled by powerful players jockeying for influence and dominance at all costs, she’s forced to weigh her truths against reality.

Trouble is, though she’s a master at detecting self-deception in others, she’s slow to recognize it in herself.

Masked Intent is the first installment in The Morality Plays Series.

Meet Alexa

Though I didn’t see it coming when my husband of 15 years asked for a divorce, I’ve found a new sense of peace in the four years since he left us. My bed may be cold, but that’s ok. Mostly. I’ve filled my time raising three witty boys and more recently took on the job of a lifetime with a PR firm near Washington, DC.

I’m content to live this quiet little life on my own terms – until I meet Mateo Da Rocha. Not your typical college professor, Mateo, a fellow relationship refugee, is sexy, brooding and, at first, determined to get me beneath him. But when we take a step back from our intense attraction and strike up a friendship, we both find a treasure we weren’t necessarily looking for. Fifteen years of marriage never had me in my feelings quite like this, but I have no use for feelings, not after my disastrous track record with successful relationships. So, I fight to keep my emotional distance, shielding my heart from the man whose eyes see clear through to my soul.

…and Mateo

Alexa Winston is pure perfection. A lot of guys avoid perfection like it’s a brand new, untreatable strain of the clap because it takes too much effort, too much emotional sweat equity to be worthy of nabbing everything they’ve ever wanted and even more they never knew they did. So, they settle. Or juggle. Or live for the moment, satisfied to simply get their dicks wet until the novelty wears off.

Me? I’ve got juggler in my DNA. Keeping things casual keeps hearts from getting broken. So, my pursuing Alexa is the last thing anyone – least of all I – would have expected. But I can’t lie to myself anymore. I’m in deep and have been for months now. My big challenge: Getting her to admit that she is, too.