Battle-scarred and dismissive of love and intimacy, Alexa Winston and Mateo Da Rocha aren’t prepared for what they feel when a chance meeting brings them together. They’re as different as they are determined to resist the pull of their passions.

Time and wisdom would warn them away from one another, but their soul-deep connection makes denial impossible and their eventual coupling inevitable.

Intermezzo: The Morality Plays Interludes is a collection of vignettes that share the origins of Alexa and Mateo’s connection. This prequel is also the “intermission” between Masked Intent: A Modern-Day Morality Play and Intents + Purposes: The Final Act, coming in 2023.

Author’s note: Although I call this the prequel, I recommend you read the novels in order. It’s more fun that way! And, for your consideration, I’ve teased in a couple of bonus stories that have yet to unfold.