Book Review: Time is Eternity

Time is Eternity is Book 3 in the Full Circle Series by Annette G. Anders

Time is Eternity is the third book in the Full Circle Series by Annette G. Anders. I love and recommend the entire series, but Time is Eternity has a special place in my heart.

Plot Summary: Luca Harrison is happy with his life. He’s just received the job promotion of a lifetime, and he enjoys an easy friendship with Jo Alberts, who, with her cousin and friend, have been tagging around with him and his buddies since the girls were in middle school and the boys were in high school. Luca and Jo enjoy the lives they’ve built in New York City and realize after a time that they share more than friendship, so they begin to explore what that “more” might look like.

As Luca prepares to move away to begin his new role, Jo experiences a heartbreak that she finds she can’t bear alone. But she can’t lean on him either and keeps her struggle to herself. As a result, they continue to follow their separate paths, unsure of how or whether they’ll find their way together.

What’s to love: Annette Anders is a spectacular writer. Her narrative is bright, easy to read (and even better to listen to if you’re into Audiobooks. I highly recommend Naomi Rose-Mock’s narration. Top notch!) Also of note is the fact that the characters are a bit older than the genre’s norm. Both in their 30s (Luca’s ~36, I believe), Luca and Jo are sound, solid, relatable characters who, though clearly in love, are cautious and thoughtful about how their love will transform their lives throughout the novel.

I also love Anders’ writing because lots is happening between those pages. Her detailed descriptions of local landmarks and their historical significance is almost as engaging as the story itself. In addition, the characters’ battle and triumph is poignant and gripping. We see and live their dilemmas thanks to Anders’ descriptive prose and emotive style.

Whether you’re a thoughtful reader who appreciates details or if you seek a quick beach read, Time is Eternity’s got you covered! Get your copy here:

Note: The Full Circle Series is an ensemble quartet that follows the lives of life-long friends. Though there is connective tissues between the novels, each can be read as a standalone – but you won’t do that. You’ll read the entire series. I guarantee it.

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